2022 Review: Best Mossberg 500 Recoil Pads

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October 11, 2023

Finding the best Mossberg 500 recoil pad can be a challenge, but you'll be able to find one if you know what to look for and what makes a recoil pad great compared to the lower quality, cheap recoil pads that currently flood the market.

To save you time, money, and hopefully headaches, we've hand-picked five of the best recoil pads for the Mossberg 500. Each of these has the purpose of reducing recoil each time you take a shot. The better it reduces recoil, the better control you'll have over your shotgun. As a result, your shots will be more accurate, more precise, and in some cases more deadly.

The Mossberg 500 is one of the most reliable shotguns ever used. If you want to add upgrades to the Mossberg you currently own, then one thing to do first is finding the best recoil pad.

Comparison Chart of the Best Mossberg 500 Recoil Pads

  • Made of Synthetic Material
  • Fits on a Wide Variety of Shotguns
  • Anti-Muzzle Jump Technology for Minimal Muzzle Jump
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  • Easy to Slip-On
  • Available in Either Black or Brown
  • Best Mossberg 500 Recoil Pad for the Money
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  • Easy to Slip On
  • One Size Fits All
  • Gel Pad for Maximum Shock Absorption and Recoil Reduction
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  • Slip-On Option
  • Reduces Felt Recoil by 50 Percent
  • Available in Sizes, Including for Hard-to-Fit Stocks
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  • Easy Release Button for Detachment
  • Easy to Install on Any Mossberg 500 or 590 Shotgun
  • Made of Rubber for Maximum Recoil Reduction and Shock Absorption
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What is a Recoil Pad and What Are They Used For?

A recoil pad is attached to the buttstock of your shotgun. These are constructed out of materials like rubber, foam, leather, or other soft materials designed to help reduce the recoil of your Mossberg 500 shotgun. As you fire your Mossberg 500, your gun will kick back. At the same time, your muzzle may rise.

If you do not have firm control over your shotgun, the shot you fired won’t be able to hit its mark. A recoil pad is designed to give you total control over your shotgun. At the same time, it will considerably reduce the amount of initial recoil it produces with every shot you fire.

As a result, you will be able to shoot straight and accurately without having to deal with a moving muzzle. The recoil pads are also designed to absorb the shock that is associated with recoil.

Are Recoil Pads Important While Shooting?

The short answer: yes.

The long answer? You’ll need to reduce as much recoil as possible when it comes to using your Mossberg 500 if you want to fire off more precise and accurate shots. Meanwhile, some of the accessories you might have attached to your Mossberg 500 (if any) might not be able to withstand a good amount of shock that comes from recoil. While it is important to invest in quality accessories that can handle recoil shock, being able to reduce it as much as possible is something you might want to consider.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Recoil Pad

You can’t simply just buy a recoil pad right off the shelf. At the same time, you can’t just click the “add to cart” button at the first recoil pad you see. Finding the best recoil pad that fits you takes a bit of time and a little detective work before making a decision.

There are a few aspects that will be factored into your buying process. Here are some of those aspects that past buyers have considered when they bought their recoil pads


First and foremost, we always take a look at the overall quality of the recoil pad we’re looking for. Obviously, we’ll be looking for one that is excellent in quality. Furthermore, we would often look for the material that the recoil pad is made from. The reason being is because some materials are better able to absorb and reduce shock than others constructed from other materials. At the same time, the price a pad is going for will likely depend on the material that it is made from.

Limbsaver - Recoil Pad is made of synthetic material.


There are two kinds of Mossberg owners: those who have some money to work with and those who are on a budget. Price is a factor that mostly applies to the latter. It’s possible to find a good recoil pad for a reasonable price.

Once again, the quality of the product you choose must factor into your decision. A smart buyer would find the best quality recoil pad with a price tag that doesn’t drain their bank account. Sometimes, if it’s ridiculously low priced, there’s usually a reason why. Dirt cheap can also mean dirt poor in quality.


The installation process for almost all of these recoil pads is relatively easy. This means that you won’t need to rely on tools or professional gunsmithing skills in order to add this type of product to your Mossberg 500. Most recoil pads are either snap-ons or slip-ons. Furthermore, some of them are interchangeable and have the ability to fit a wide variety of shotguns.

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Recoil Pads

The following are five of the Mossberg 500 recoil pads that we believe are the best available on the market. Each one is best for a Mossberg user but has different preferences and personal needs. At the same time, there are some that are considered reasonably priced and will fit most budgets.

Please read through each recoil pad review carefully as there may be a unique feature or two that might interest you. If you believe that the recoil pad you like is worth the investment, you should consider doing further research before making a decision. With that said, let's begin our list of best recoil pads:

Best Overall:
Limbsaver - Recoil Pad


  • Very Durable
  • Very Easy to Install
  • Reduction of Recoil is Noticeable When Installed.


  • May Need Some Additional Fitting on Some Shotguns

First on the docket is the Limbsaver recoil pad. If you're looking for an item designed to fire a wide variety of shotguns including your Mossberg 500, then the Limbsaver could be the right choice for you to choose as your own.

This product is not only designed to reduce a good amount of recoil, but it is also designed to keep muzzle jump to a minimum. To be more specific, this is designed to reduce up to 70% of recoil. These are easy to install and are designed to take on any kind of weather that nature can muster up.

Made from synthetic materials, it is proven to stand up against the elements and the shock that is produced from recoil. What more can you ask for in a pad like this? If you’re looking for a recoil pad that can take a beating and absorb shock like nothing else, the Limbsaver might be the one worth investing in.

Bottom Line

The Limbsaver is, without a doubt, one of the best factory replacement Mossberg recoil pads.  However, some users had to have some additional fitting done on their shotgun. Despite this being easy to install for most, sometimes this happens.

Aside from that, the thing that impressed us about this is the amount of recoil that was reduced once installed. It’s considerably reduced or even non-existent. The same can be said about the muzzle jump. If you’re looking for a recoil pad that will allow you total control over your shotgun with little to almost no recoil, this might be the recoil pad that deserves a further look.

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip On Recoil Pad


  • Reduces Recoil By a Lot
  • Fits a Wide Variety of Shotguns
  • Mounts Quickly Without Any Snagging


  • Some Users Have Complained About the Pad Moving a Bit After Every Shot
  • Some Have Complained That the Pad is a Little Thick and Causes the Reach to be Extended
  • Some Users Have Stated That While it Absorbs a Good Amount of Recoil, it Doesn’t Do as Good as a Job as the Limbsaver

Of course, we always look out for the budget Mossberg owners. And it’s no secret that they too want a recoil pad that will work effectively with their shotgun. So, we set out to find one that was best for those on a budget. The best of the budget bunch, we believe, is the Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On Recoil Pad.

Like the name says, this is a recoil pad that you can easily slip onto the buttstock of your Mossberg shotgun. If you’re looking for excellent replacement for recoil pads that are harder than a rock, this might be the product you’re looking for.

This is available in black or brown. So, find a color that will best fit your Mossberg's buttstock. Even if you don't hold aesthetics to a high standard, be sure to find the one that will best blend in with your shotgun. Since this a slip on, you know that this is easy to install. No gunsmithing skills required. This is made from a synthetic material that is designed to absorb a good deal of shock and reduce recoil.

Bottom Line

For a budget option, the Pachmayr does a good job reducing both recoil and muzzle jump. This might give the Limbsaver a run for its money. Since this is a slip on, it’s convenient for those who want to add it onto their shotgun and be good to go.

No matter what shotgun you have, this recoil pad will likely work the way it’s intended. If you get this recoil pad and like it, don’t hesitate to get another one for a different shotgun.

Best for the Money:
 Recoil Eraser - Slip On Recoil Pad

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  • No Muzzle Jump
  • Very Easy to Install
  • Much Softer on the Shoulders When There is Little Recoil


  • Some Have Complained About it Being Too Small for Their Shotguns
  • Some Users Have Complained the Fabric Tends to Fray After a Few Hundred Shots

With a name like the Recoil Eraser, it has to be good, right? Well, let's see if it lives up to the name. For one, this is a slip-on option. Installation is a breeze and no tools are needed.

Equipped in this pad is a gel pad that is designed to absorb the maximum amount of shock that is produced from recoil. Like rubber, gel can take on a lot of shock time and time again. Plus, this pad, in particular, can also reduce recoil by 70% or more.

If you're looking for a great product that is easy to install and will bring recoil almost down to a zero, then the Recoil Eraser might be the right choice for your Mossberg 500. Of course, this is one-size-fits-all, so expect this to fit any kind of rifle or shotgun that you own.

Bottom Line

The Recoil Eraser does indeed live up to the name. The fact that it’s easy to slip on and the innovative gel material used to absorb the shock and reduce recoil are the two major things that stick out in our minds as the best features.

This is yet another recoil pad that might challenge the Limbsaver (and other pads that can reduce a lot of recoil). If you’re looking for an upgrade for your current, unimpressive recoil pad, the Recoil Eraser might be a very worthy upgrade for your Mossberg 500.

4. LimbSaver Slip-On Recoil Pad

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  • Easy to Install
  • Will Fit Most Mossberg 500 Shotguns
  • Corrects Other Problems Like Bad Eye Relief. This is Due to its Ability to Reduce Recoil


  • Might Wiggle a Bit After Each Shot
  • The Fit May Not Be Perfect for Some Buttstocks
  • May Be Susceptible to Tears After Hundreds of Shots Fired

For our next product review, we return to the Limbsaver brand. This is an easy to install, slip-on recoil pad that is designed to reduce felt recoil up to 50 percent. Most importantly, it's designed to help you fire more accurate follow-up shots. Of course, a reduced amount of recoil does equal more accurate shots.

If you're looking for a product that is designed for hard-to-fit shotgun stocks, then the Limbsaver could be the choice for you. These are available in a wide variety of sizes that can accommodate any shotgun buttstock. Before purchasing this, you should take proper measurements of your Mossberg stock so you can be able to purchase the correct size.

Bottom Line

While it doesn't reduce as much recoil as some of our other offerings, this still does a good job reducing a considerable amount of recoil. If you don't mind a little bit of recoil, like a subdued amount, you'll probably like this product. You'll still have better control over your shotgun and be able to hit your follow up shots with dead-on accuracy.

This might be the best recoil pad you've used in the field or at the range. If you hold accuracy to a high standard, then you might want to consider this version of the Limbsaver

5. Mossberg Flex Recoil Pad 1.50"


  • Easy to Install and Uninstall.
  • Absorbs a Great Deal of Shock
  • Interchangeable With Mossberg Shotguns


  • None

Last, but not least on our list of recoil pads is the Mossberg Flex Recoil Pad. Right out of the gate, you'll know that this will fit pretty much every Mossberg 500 or 590 shotgun. The reason why is that it's from the Mossberg brand itself. This is an interchangeable recoil pad, which means you'll have the ability to use this on one shotgun and then use it on another when you need it.

The attachment and detachment process is easy to do. Since the installation process will be a cinch, you won't need tools or the services of a professional blacksmith. In order to remove it, all you have to do is press a button.

This recoil pad is measured at an inch-and-a-half and is made from rubber. Rubber is considered to be one of the best materials with the ability to absorb shock from recoil. Likewise, this pad will also be more comfortable on your shoulders as it does its job to reduce the recoil on your Mossberg 500 or 590.

If you’re looking for a great factory replacement that can stand the test of time and handle a great deal of recoil, the Mossberg Flex Recoil Pad is exactly what you might need.

Bottom Line

This factory replacement recoil pad has proven itself to be worthy of our list for a few good reasons. It's interchangeable and has the ability to easily attach to Mossberg 500 and 590 shotguns. Whether it can be easily attached to older models remains to be seen.

At the same time, Mossberg knows that their shotguns produce a good deal of recoil. So, they chose the best material designed to absorb as much shock as possible. Leave it to good ol' rubber to get the job done. With that said, if you're looking for something that's easy to use, easy to install, and reliable no matter which shotgun you use, get the Mossberg Flex Recoil Pad.

How to Install a Recoil Pad on a Shotgun

If it’s so easy to install a recoil pad on a shotgun, how come we’re showing you step-by-step instructions? Well, for some products, they may be a challenge to fit on your Mossberg’s buttstock. These pertain to those that are not slip-ons. Here’s how you install a recoil pad:

  1. First, mark the center of the heel and toe and draw a nice straight line from the heel to the toe. Drill the holes where the heel and toe marks are to the size of the pad’s connectors.
  2. Add on the recoil pad. If it appears oversized, continue reading.
  3. Using a sharp scribe, trace around the butt of the stock. Remove the pad and place it upside down on a recoil pad fixture.
  4. Set the angle of the comb and set and adjust the first screw. Then set the angle of the toe line.
  5. Go to the sander and grind the excess material off your pad. Grind the toe line of the pad and go halfway up the sides.
  6. Grind away the scribe line you drew outside the stock. Slowly grind at the arc.
  7. Adjust the fixture and grind the heel. Once all the excess is gone, install the pad on your stock.


Finding the best Mossberg 500 recoil pad is easy if you know what to look for. A good product will do its job in reducing recoil and muzzle jump. So be sure to find one that fits your personal preferences, needs, and budget. Remember, you can also find one that is easy to install if you’re not up to using tools and doing any additional fitting.

No matter which of the five recoil pads you choose from this list, you’ll be able to enjoy a reduced amount of recoil for your Mossberg and land the shots accurately wherever you aim. Find one for your shotgun today and give it a go.

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