Burris Veracity 5-25X50 Review – 2022 Round-up

The iconic American designer of optic scopes has yet again come up with a new and interesting model. The Burris Veracity 5- 25 x 50 is a long range riflescope with a revolutionary turret design and an amazing reticle.

Here we will learn in-depth about this riflescope and evaluate the pros and cons, and if this scope is worth your money or not. 

  • Generous eye relief and field of view throughout
  • MAD style turrets for capped or open tactical use
  • 5-25x high magnification scope for hunting/practice
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Burris Veracity 5-25x50mm


  • Excellent Price for the Features
  • Rugged Design Withstands Abuse and Harsh Conditions
  • Long Range and Offers First Focal Plane
  • MAD Style Tactical Reticle and Crisp Turrets
  • Clear Glass and Good Eye Relief


  • Reticle is Non-Illuminated
  • Low Adjustment Range for Turrets

Burris Veracity 5-25X50mm Specs

Breaking down the Veracity scope step by step, we find that it is an FFP scope with a good amount of eye relief, a large objective lens, and an acceptable field of view. It offers ¼ MOA adjustments with a maximum range of 64 MOA. 

Eye Relief: 3.5 - 4.25 inches

Adjustment Options (Parallax, windage, elevation): W - 30 MOA, E - 64 MOA, P - 50 yards to infinity

Type of Reticle: Ballistic Plex E1 FFP Varmint (options available)

Image of Reticle: 

Burris Veracity 5-25X50 Reticle

Magnification: 5 - 25 x

Focal Plane: First Focal Plane

Objective Lens: 50 mm

Field of View: 4.3 - 21 ft at 100 yds

Weight: 28.2 oz. 


Burris Veracity is a high precision long range scope that comes with some very notable features. Let’s learn about these features and why the Veracity scope can be a great choice for precision shooting

Range and Plane

The Veracity 5-25x offers a high variable magnifying power that helps you to aim accurately over targets as far as 1500 yards. The 5x zoom ratio is helpful when increasing/decreasing magnifications and the first focal plane helps with accurately hitting the target with a magnified reticle. 

Reticle and Turrets

It is a fully adjustable scope allowing you to set windage, elevation, and parallax. The MAD style turrets can be switched between capped or tactical exposed styles depending upon your preference and the situation. The side parallax knob allows adjustment from 50 yards to infinity. All the setting knobs are crisp and utterly responsive. 

Talking about the reticle, this particular model comes with an E1 FFP Varmint reticle. It features MOA tick marks on the horizontal and vertical sections of the crosshair and offers trajectory compensation out to 700 yards. Plus cascading dots for wind drift compensation

Glass and Eye Relief

The scope comes with a hi-lume multi-coated glass and a large 50 mm objective lens to produce very bright and clear images. Even under low light conditions. Another good thing is the long eye relief. You get a maximum value of 4.25 inches that’s ample even with high caliber rifles and non-adjustable stocks. 

Rugged Design

A long range scope should feature a rugged design. Since it has to withstand the recoil, inclement weather conditions, other bumps, and nicks when being carried through the woods. This scope is a single piece 30 mm aluminum tube with a black finish and the capability to be impervious to water, fog, and shock. It is also covered by a Burris Forever Warranty that covers the scope for its entire lifetime. 


The Veracity 5-25x scope costs close to $1000. That’s pretty less when you compare it with other similar FFP scopes on the market. Yes, it does have some drawbacks to fade that value-for-money factor. But it still features a revolutionary design and a perfect reticle. 


Sure the Veracity 5-25x is an amazing scope for its price. But there are a few points missed by the manufacturers, that’d have made this scope even more amazing. Let’s learn more about them:


The biggest gripe users find with this specific model is the non-illuminated reticle. If Burris was already adding so much in the scope, an illuminated reticle would’ve added to the value and also the function. The lack of an illuminated reticle limits the operation of this scope under low light conditions and dark backgrounds. 

Additionally, the reticle has been calibrated to average loads, and using heavier calibers will require a bit of tweaking. 

Low Adjustment Range

The scope offers a very limited range of adjustment for the turrets. The elevation is 64 MOA which seems comparatively lesser than other scopes in the range. But the windage at 30 MOA sounds absolutely unreasonable and less. With such high magnifying power, the scope should’ve offered a better adjustment range. 

Best Uses for the Burris Veracity 5-25X50mm

The best uses for The Burris Veracity 5-25x50 is long range hunting, bench rest shooting, and practice. The scope is not very suitable for competitions since the range of adjustment for windage and elevation is quite less. 

The reticle has hash marks to sights targets as far as 700 and the rest can be achieved by adjusting the turrets. This scope is favorable for hunting medium to large targets at a long range. Targets that move fast can also be tracked quickly and accurately with the scope. 

This scope has been found to work really well with hunting coyotes, prairie dogs, hogs, elk, and deer. While the scope lacks illumination, it does come with a sunshade to help with broad daylight shooting when facing towards the sun.

Overall, this scope is best for varmint eradicator rifles and on dedicated hunting or long range practice rifles. 

Is the Burris Veracity 5-25X50mm Compatible With Any Rifle?

As mentioned above, the Veracity 5-25x50 scope works best for long range hunting rifles. The reticle has been calibrated for general calibers and will work best with .308 and .223 caliber rifles. Modulations have to be made for higher calibers. But this scope will fare well with medium/high caliber bolt action and semi-auto rifles. Mainly rifles that have been specially designed for hunting and target practice.

This scope is a strict no-go for small caliber rifles due to its bell size and weight that’ll affect mounting. Plus, smaller calibers don’t have a suitable range for this scope. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Burris Veracity 5-25X50mm?

Mounting the Veracity 5-25x scope will require medium/high rise mounts. The scope has a bell size of 59 mm which is wide enough to touch the receiver if used with low mounts. It does not come with mounts so you’ll have to find and buy one for yourself. Single piece mounts are good, but a good pair of horizontal hex rings with at least two screw points will work the best for this scope. 

The scope offers generous eye relief, with a maximum value of 4.2 inches. So you can shift and position the scope on the rail where you like. The turrets can be used with or without the caps, but the caps are not tethered to the scope body so you may risk losing them. 

The scope is easy to use and adjust. The reticle isn’t illuminated so no complaints about running out of battery. The manufacturer also offers custom knobs if you want to buy one. 

What Makes the Burris Veracity 5-25X50mm Stand Out From the Competition?

The Veracity 5-25x scope comes with a MAD turret design that allows capped or exposed operation of turrets and when you need them. The 5x zoom ratio offers quick magnification switches and a better field of view for a scope with such high variable power. The side focus and parallax adjustment are very ergonomic and being an FFP scope is its most prominent feature. 

Burris Veracity vs Vortex Viper - Comparison Overview

Despite being the same magnification scopes and being comparable in design. The Burris Veracity and Vortex Viper greatly differ in many factors. 

Both these scopes have an FFP glass etched reticle with the Vortex having an illuminated reticle and Veracity has a non-illuminated reticle. Plus, the style of reticle also differs but is comparable in terms of function. 

Vortex is a clear winner by almost three feet when the field of view is compared, but the Veracity beats it by almost an inch when eye relief is concerned. Both these scopes are parallax adjustable but the Vortex offers minimum adjustment from 25 yards against 50 yards by the Veracity. 

The Veracity also has a lower range of turret adjustment with on 64/30 MOA for E/W. Whereas the Viper offers 76/64 MOA for E/W adjustments. This makes the Viper more adjustable and precise over a long range. 

Additionally, the Viper PST is more user friendly and advanced in terms of operation and functions. Which makes the Viper about $100 more costly than the Burris Veracity. 


The Burris Veracity 5 - 25 x 50 is a first focal plane riflescope best suited for long range hunting and varminting. Along with bench rest shooting practice. The scope has a revolutionary turret design and features a durable build. The FOV and eye relief are just awesome. Plus the lifetime warranty is an irresistible topping. 

People Also Ask

Let’s learn more about the Veracity line of scopes and the company manufacturing them before you plan on investing your money in them. This FAQ section will guide you through the most obvious questions and their well-researched and absolute answers. 

Where Are Burris Veracity Scopes Made?

The Veracity line of scopes from Burris is manufactured in the Philippines at a Burris plant. However, the testing and quality inspection of these and all other scopes from them are done in the USA at their Greenley facility. 

How To Use The Rangefinder On The Burris Veracity 5-25x50?

  • The horizontal lines on the elevation channel of the reticle describe the range. 
  • The reticle has trajectory compensation to 600 yards which is the last line at 1.56 MOA
  • Cascading dots on the left and right side offer quick estimation for crosswind
  • Dots represent a 10 m.p.h. wind hold-off (+/- 1.5 in. at 400 yds.) for most hunting cartridges

Can You Use Burris Veracity 5-25X50mm in Low Light Conditions?

Yes, but with limited effect. This scope does have a large objective lens to let a good amount of light to pass through. Which helps with the low light shooting. However, an illuminated reticle would’ve improved its function. 


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