Mueller Scope Review – 2022 Guide

Muelller is renowned and widely sought after brand of optic scopes. They have recently started expanding into the athleisure vertical, but their scopes still are their most popular creation.

Here we will learn in-depth about the company and some of its best offerings on the optics market. We will also review the best Mueller scopes handpicked from their large array of options. So sight-in and keep reading!

Comparison of the Best Mueller Scopes

  • 8-32x magnification for very long range shooting
  • Fully adjustable scope with a side focus knob
  • Fast focus eyepiece and good field of view
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  • Medium to long range illuminated reticle scope
  • Rheostat controlled 11 brightness settings on top
  • Easy and quick to use finger adjustable turrets
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  • Shockproof scope focuses as close as 15 yards
  • Dot covers very small area on high magnifications
  • All weather high torque durable power change ring
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  • All purpose rifle scope with adjustable objective
  • Offers added clearance to work with bolt actions
  • Wide angle field of view at all magnifications
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  • Fixed magnification high power scope for long range
  • Large side focus knob for delicate parallax setting
  • Target style windage and elevation turrets
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  • Illuminated mil-dot reticle with brightness setting
  • Amazing field of view and high & low magnification
  • Compact design and ⅛ MOA fine tune adjustments
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Who is Mueller? 

Mueller was founded in 2003 by Richard Schalmpp to help firearm enthusiasts find affordable good quality scopes. Located in Westland, Michigan, the company sources the best quality components from all around the world (mostly Japan) and gets them assembled under strict standards in a facility in China. That clearly doesn’t mean that their scopes are made in China. 

Mueller offers a limited lifetime warranty on their scopes, which is also transferable. They don’t require or offer warranty cards for claims. But only the original product receipt. 

All their optic scope lenses feature 11 layers or EuroCoat™ which is one of the best lens coatings you’ll find scopes. 

Why Are Mueller Scopes So Popular?

The simple answer to this question is - ‘value for money’. Mueller scopes are not the cheapest, but they are an amazing pick for their price. Their scopes have been clearly defined in terms of their application and serve a variety of purposes. 

The company spends very less on advertising and relies upon word of mouth publicity for promotions. Which they seem to be very good at since an annual revenue of $7 million already speaks for itself. 

Apart from all that, Mueller optics covers all their scopes with a limited lifetime warranty to cover your purchase. 

Review of the Best Mueller Scopes

Mueller has some amazing scopes to offer. But to keep things simple and your selections easy. We have come up with some of their best optic scopes. Each of these is either suitable for one or multiple applications. Read through the reviews and know more. 

Best Overall:
Mueller Optics MU83244TD


  • Includes a 3-inch matching sunshade
  • High magnifying power for long-range shooting
  • Crisp clarity and steady turret click adjustments
  • Side focus parallax adjustment (10 yds to infinity)


  • Average eye relief
  • A mil-dot reticle would’ve been better

Best Uses for the Mueller Optics MU83244TD

This 8-32 x is great for bench target shooting at long-range distances. Mostly in the 800-1000 yard range. Additionally, you can also use this scope for long-range hunting due to its high magnifying power. However, the target dot reticle isn’t great for on-the-fly adjustments. But the range is still a winning factor. 

But before you use it for hunting, remember that it does not have an illuminated reticle. So it won’t be useful for variably dark conditions. 

Is the Mueller Optics MU83244TD Compatible With Any Rifle? 

This scope works best with .223 and .308 caliber rifles. Plus everything in between. People have used it successfully for 6.5 Creedmoor and similar calibers as well. Heavy calibers are not recommended since the scope has only 3.2 inches of eye relief. But if you can deal with it, you can give it a try. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Mueller Optics MU83244TD?

The scope is 16.25 inches in length and 2 inches in height and width. The objective is 44 mm so high mount rings will be an overall good option for this scope. The focus adjustment knob is on the side, and the scope comes with a 3-inch sunshade as well to solve glare problems. 

It does not come packaged with mounts or any hardware, so you’ll have to manage it yourself. The turret adjustments are audible and crisp which is important since it has a target dot reticle.

Mueller Optics Eraticator 8.5-25x50mm


  • High magnifying power for long-range
  • Large objective lens delivers a bright image
  • Quick focus eyepiece and large field of view
  • ⅛ inch fine-tune adjustments for capped turrets
  • Illuminated dot reticle with 11 brightness settings


  • No auto shut-off for the illuminated reticle
  • Dot may seem large or small based upon the preference

Best Uses for the Mueller Optics Eraticator 8.5-25x50mm

The clarity and performance of this scope even at maximum magnification are just amazing. This scope is a perfect accessory for your rifles to hunt down varmints and game animals at 400 - 500 yards. Additionally, the scope is also great for target shooting at 100 to 200 yards. You can sight a golf ball size target with exceptional clarity using this scope. 

The red dot may feel small or large at high magnification, but it won’t affect accuracy at all. 

Is the Mueller Optics Eraticator 8.5-25x50mm Compatible With Any Rifle? 

The models work great with most semi-auto and bolt action rifles. People have been using it successfully with 300 Win Mag, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308, and .223 caliber rifles. High caliber rifles like the .338 Lapua and 50 BMG may damage the internals due to their heavy recoil. Plus the scope has only 3 inches of eye relief. So use it for decent hitting calibers and the scope will last for years. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Mueller Optics Eraticator 8.5-25x50mm?

The total length of this scope is 15.53 inches and you should prefer using horizontal scope rings to mount it on your rifle. The turrets are capped and offer click adjustments. However, you should be wary about the turret caps when you change settings. 

The scope uses one CR2032 battery that can be installed/removed easily. The focus ring is on the front and the rear eyepiece has a rheostat adjustor on top. 

Best for the Money:
Mueller Adjustable Objective MT852544


  • Great value for the price
  • Easy and quick overall adjustments
  • Good eye relief for non-glass wearers
  • Sturdy and shockproof one-piece design
  • Fully multi-coated camera quality lenses
  • All-weather, high-torque power change ring


  • Reticle is not illuminated
  • Not great for low light indoor range use

Best Uses for the Mueller Adjustable Objective MT852544

This scope will be best used for bench shooting, daylight hunting, plinking, and to some extent, competitions. The scope has ample magnification to sight and accurately hit targets at a somewhat long-range. The mil-dot reticle is great for making quick trajectory estimations, which is a great feature for shooting moving targets. 

It can also be carried for simply sighting targets. Plus the durable construction makes it a great choice for tough shooting conditions. 

Is the Mueller Adjustable Objective MT852544 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

The main feature of this scope is its shockproof capability. This means that this scope can be mounted on hard-hitting rifles such as .338, .30-06, and others. However, that doesn’t prevent this scope from being mounted on low caliber rifles like the .22lr. This is really a versatile scope when it comes to switching between rifles of different calibers. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Mueller Adjustable Objective MT852544?

The scope has a large ocular lens, but not as large as 50 mm. Choosing medium rings will be a good pick for low caliber rifles. However, it depends from rifle to rifle. If you are using it on a bolt action, high rings should be your first choice to obtain proper clearance. Check the Mueller website for the absolute measurements and suggestions. 

The eye relief is really small, so ensure positioning the scope right. Especially when using high caliber rifles. 

Best Mueller APV Scope:
Mueller Optics 4.5-14x40


  • Also includes a sunshade
  • Capped finger adjustable turrets
  • Minimum parallax setting at 10 yards
  • Amazing clarity and brightness in view
  • Delivers the ‘high-end’ experience on a budget
  • Traditional style eyepiece focus with locking ring for added bolt clearance


  • Requires exact eye positioning

Best Uses for the Mueller Optics 4.5-14x40

This is marketed as an APV (all-purpose variable) scope by Mueller, and it’s functions conform to its nomenclature. The scope has 4.5 - 14 x magnification for a significant shooting range. The scope can be used for short to long-range hunting during the day, and to some extent during dawn or dusk. 

It can also be used for practice and even competitions due to its zero-holding capability and precise turret adjustments. 

Is the Mueller Optics 4.5-14x40 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

This scope will function flawlessly will all the rifles except for .450 and .50 calibers. It is best used with .17HMR, .22, .223, .243, .308, .338 and other calibers in the .30 cal range. The ease of operation is likewise with semi-auto and bolt action rifles. But make sure you mount it properly and respect the eye relief. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Mueller Optics 4.5-14x40?

The scope will mount using medium height rings on most rifles. It features a one-inch main tube and an eye relief of about 3 inches. The positioning of this scope is imperative because if not done properly, the scope blacks out. With a very minor margin for error. 

Make sure you do not overtighten the scope and adhere to the instructions in the manual. The turrets allow ¼ MOA adjustments and the minimum parallax setting is 10 yards

Best Mueller Target Scope:
Mueller Optics MU4056


  • ⅛ MOA and target style turrets
  • Includes bikini style lens covers
  • Fast focus eyepiece and HD clarity lenses
  • Oversized side focus wheel for micro-adjustments
  • 40X fixed magnification scope for absolute precision


  • Limited applications
  • Short field of view at close range

Best Uses for the Mueller Optics MU4056

This is a fixed magnification high power scope best suited for bench rest shooting. Plus any long-range shooting if your target is at a distance of 800 yards or more. This scope will not be a good option for close range, which somewhat limits its use in hunting. But it still can be used to hunt small varmints and game animals at an uncommon and significant distance. The large wheel allows you to make micro-adjustments, so it is definitely worth it. 

Is the Mueller Optics MU4056 Compatible With Any Rifle? 

It is better to mount it on high caliber rifles because you’re not gonna shoot anything properly with a .22lr on that kind of magnification. The least you can expect is a .223 or .308. Plus anything above that. The scope has a shock-proof and durable construction to appropriately handle recoil. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Mueller Optics MU4056?

The first thing you must look for is high scope mounts. Any mount that can provide at least 60 mm of space between the top of the objective and your barrel. This scope has a very large objective. Plus a large side focus wheel will also need ample space for functioning. 

Weight of this scope isn’t enough to worry about balancing issues. That too on high caliber rifles. 

Best Mueller Tactical Scope:
Mueller Optics MT41650IGR


  • Multi-coated lenses with crystal clarity
  • Apt magnification for a balanced range
  • Large objective lens and super bright images
  • Illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings
  • Single piece aluminum tube with a matte finish


  • Turrets may feel small
  • Adjustments are stiff initially

Best Uses for the Mueller Optics MT41650IGR

This scope will be best utilized as a hunting scope. Preferably for games like feral hogs, coyotes, and deer. The 4-16 x magnification is enough to sight out targets accurately upto 800 yards for all targets.

Additionally, the scope can also be used for practice and even competitions. The illuminated reticle is suitable for low light use. Plus the scope can also be used in conjunction with night vision or thermal scopes. 

Is the Mueller Optics MT41650IGR Compatible With Any Rifle? 

This scope works best with calibers up to .308. In fact, it works best with .308 caliber rifles like the AR-10. It works aptly with semi-auto and bolts action rifles. Unless you start disrespecting the mounting tolerances and the field of view. 

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Mueller Optics MT41650IGR?

This scope has a large 50 mm objective lens, so it will require high scope mounts. Make sure to also check the clearance on the base if you plan on using BUIS. The scope weighs around 21 oz which shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

A good factor is the length of the scope which is slightly below 15 inches. Plus a decent eye relief of 3.25 inches. 

Types of Scopes From Mueller 

Mueller offers a short product line for optic scopes but has diligently classified them into 12 different classes. Each of their scopes is suitable for a certain application. Ranging from crossbows to tactical scopes and muzzleloader scopes to target scopes. 

Variable Rifle Scopes

This is by far the most detailed category of scope offered by Mueller. These include illuminated and non-illuminated scopes, APV (all-purpose variable) scopes, rimfire scopes, varmint scopes, hybrid scopes, red dot reticle scopes, and much more. 

Fixed and Scout Scopes 

Mueller offers a high magnification fixed power scope (reviewed above on our list) for long-range shooting. They also offer low power compact scout scopes for close-quarter tactical applications and hunting varmints

Reflex Sights

The company offers only one reflex sight model known as the quick shot. It has features like reticle selector, brightness adjustment, and an integrated mount. 


Mueller is an acclaimed brand of optic scopes especially due to its affordable price and quality. It can be compared to Burris in terms of price and sources the best components globally to assemble its scopes. The company has a small but complete line of scopes that are all covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


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