Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 Review – 2022 Guide

The Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 is an excellent option on the riflescope market thanks to its user-friendly design. 

Gone are the days of not seeing well; optically indexed lenses ensure high-resolution images for every use. 

In this article, we'll show you our favorite parts about the Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24, along with a couple of features it could improve upon.

  • 1-4x magnification tactical scope with 4” eye relief
  • Illuminated red TMCQ MOA reticle with graduations
  • 220 MOA W/E range and customizable zero stop
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Vortex Viper PST Riflescope - 1-4x24mm


  • Great durability
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality image
  • User-friendly adjustments


  • Crosshair markings hard to read

Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 Specs 

Before we jump into a detailed review, below are the key specifications and dimensions of the Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24.

  • Eye Relief: 4 inches

  • Adjustment Options 

    • Parallax: 100 yards

    • Windage: 220 MOA

    • Elevation: 220 MOA

  • Type of Reticle: TMCQ MOA

  • Image of Reticle:

  • Magnification: 1 – 4 x

  • Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)

  • Objective Lens: 24 millimeters

  • Field of View: 27.5 – 98 feet at 100 yards


The following qualities highlight what makes the Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 stand out as a strong contender on the riflescope market.


Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Construction makes the Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 a nearly unbreakable riflescope. It's built from a single block of 6061-T6. Coupled with a 30mm aluminum tube, it makes for a durable product for your hunting needs.

The Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 also has waterproof O-ring seals. These seals protect your riflescope from weather-related corrosion and the inner parts of debris. 

You'll be covered under a VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on the off chance you have issues with this product.

High-Quality Images

The Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 prides itself on offering some of the highest quality images on the market. The sharp, bright images are thanks to optically indexed lenses and extra-low dispersion glass. 

The XD lens enhances color, contrast, and resolution. Meanwhile, the XR lens has anti-reflection properties to promote light transmission.

Together, the XD and XR lenses offer sharp images thanks to computer-controlled alignment.

User-Friendly Adjustments

Ease of use is essential when choosing a riflescope, and the Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 excels at this due to its user-friendly adjustments.

Its patent-pending MagView offers different levels of magnification with the simple turn of a knob. MOA turrets and hairline changes can all be adjusted without you needing to look.

Illumination is also easy to control. Instead of having to click through each illumination level, you can simply click the intensity on or off.

Excellent Design

Vortex kept the user in mind when designing the Viper PST 1 4x 24. It's a lightweight product given its features and offers reliability thanks to its glass-etched design.

The product is comfortable to handle and easy for beginners to grasp. Thanks to well-located knobs, adjustments can be made without the user needing to look up. 


The Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 excels in quality and design, but it has some downsides that users should be aware of. 


Users accustomed to having great magnification may feel a bit disappointed with the Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24, as it only offers magnification levels of 1 – 4. 

Users have commented that the scope functions for up to about 200 yards. Even so, the closer to 200 you get, the harder it will be to see.

That said, what this product lacks in regards to magnification it makes up for in its image quality. It also has a MagView Bar, which supports magnification in low light conditions.

Crosshair Markings

Those with less than perfect vision may find it hard to see the crosshair markings. Several users have commented that the markings are too narrow to read them easily.

Not being able to quickly spot crosshair markings can be a frustrating experience since it increases the chances of missing a target.

However, thanks to the illumination control that the Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 offers, this riflescope is excellent for use in low light conditions where seeing crosshairs is easier.

Best Uses For the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 is an ideal riflescope for competition and target shooting. We'll show you the features that make it easy to use for these activities to help you maximize your performance.

Competition Shooting

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 is ideal for competitions, especially 3-gun competition shooting. It's designed to be precise thanks to it being made from a solid block of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

Users shooting up to 200 yards will find this product most useful since the magnification ranges from 1 – 4. Thanks to 1x magnification, hunters will have an easier time shooting at a wounded animal.

With its XD and XR lenses, it offers a crisp, colorful image for big game hunting and moving targets, making the Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 easy to use. 

Target Practice 

Adjustable MOA turrets provide excellent optics for close-range target shooting and long-range shooting up to 200 yards. Ease of adjustments like these are what make the Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 so user friendly.

With 1x magnification, you'll be able to use this product with both eyes open. As a result, it's easier to practice taking close shots.

Since Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 excels when used with moving objects, consider training at a facility that offers moving target practice.

Is the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 Compatible with Any Rifle? 

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4x 24 is compatible with any rifle. It's 9.7 inches long and weighs 16 ounces, making it a compact tool to improve the performance of any rifles you use.

Because of its hard-anodized finish, O-ring seals, and shockproof lenses, this product can be paired with rifles in any weather condition. It's sealed to keep dust out and will help you aim well in the fog thanks to its argon gas. 

Its scratch-resistant coating means you won't have to worry about damaging your riflescope when installing and removing it from your rifle.

What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24?

When preparing to mount your Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24, consider the following:

  • Centering of the reticle
  • Purchase 30 mm rings
  • AR-style rifles will likely need a higher mounting height. 

Your riflescope will arrive pre-set with the reticle centered. Should you wish to change the adjustment ranges, you should do so before mounting it on your rifle.

You'll need to mount 30 mm rings on your rifle. Vortex offers the option to purchase these rings with your riflescope.  

AR-style rifles typically require extra-high mounting height. The Vortex ADR-X cantilever ring mount would be ideal with this, and you'll have the option to purchase it with your riflescope. 

What Makes the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 Stand Out From the Competition?

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 stands out from its competition because of its optically indexed lenses. Using the combined power of the XD and XR lenses, this product offers superior resolution, rich colors, and increased light transmission. 

It's also a durable product with aircraft-grade aluminum construction. Whereas some riflescopes aren't fully sealed, the O-rings of this product ensure moisture and dust never seep into its interior.

A user-friendly design makes the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 comfortable to handle. Adjustments are well placed and can be changed manually without the user needing to look.

Comparison Overview 

Now that we've covered the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 in detail, let's compare this riflescope to the Viper Gen 2 and Strike Eagle. 

Vortex Viper PST Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Gen 1 and Gen 2 of Vortex's Viper PST brand share a few similarities. They include a 30 mm tube diameter, the first focal plane model, and the second focal scope model.

When it comes to their differences, Gen 2 is a newer model. It features a 5x or 6x zoom range versus Gen 1's 4x zoom range, a wide range of 15 yards instead of 35 yards, and a wider field of view.

The Gen 2 offers slightly better optical quality than Gen 1, but most users say the difference is minimal. 

Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 vs Strike Eagle

Both the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 and Strike Eagle offer ranging reticles, turrets that reset, and nearly identical scope. They're made of high-quality, durable materials.

When it comes to choosing between the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 and Strike Eagle, consider what range you'll be shooting at. Since the Strike Eagle offers more magnification, the Viper is ideal for shooting at close ranges.

The Strike Eagle also has shorter eye relief. As a result, you'll have a wider field of view, but it'll be slightly harder to identify targets.


The Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 is an excellent riflescope for those looking to participate in competition shooting and target practice. 

It has durable material, a user-friendly design, offers high-resolution images, and various adjustments. It’s a go-to riflescope for beginners and advanced users alike, making it a great option on the market.

People Also Ask

Now that we've reviewed the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24, you may still have some lingering questions. In this section, we'll answer some common questions about specs and purchasing this product.

What Kind of Warranty Does the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 Come With?

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 comes with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. Regardless of the cause of your faulty riflescope, Vortex will repair or replace it at no cost to you. The warranty is fully transferable and doesn't require a card or receipt that you need to show for proof of purchase.

How Much Does the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 Weigh?

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 weighs 16 ounces. One pound is relatively average for a riflescope, with some weighing upwards of two pounds. Another factor that goes into weight aside from the riflescope itself is the mount.

Can You Use Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 in Low Light?

The Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 is designed to work well in low light, thanks to its reticle illumination system with ten brightness intensity levels. With the twist of a knob, you can easily control the illumination.

How Long Does the Battery Last on the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24?

The battery life of the Vortex Viper PST 1 4X24 depends on the settings you have it on, but it typically lasts 150 hours. It uses a CR2032 battery, which can easily be replaced by unscrewing the outer cap with a coin.


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