Best S&W SD40VE Magazines – 2022 Complete Round-Up

The SD40VE is a respectable handgun for self-defense and duty. However, finding a magazine for this gun can be an extremely tedious task because of the few options, and also fewer good options available.

After hours of work and analysis, we have come up with the best magazines for the SD40VE, while also explaining their pros and cons. 

Comparison of the Best S&W SD40VE Magazines

  • Tough stainless steel design for durability
  • Anti-tilt follower, good spring and witness holes
  • Fits both SD40 and SD40VE handgun models
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  • Tough, stainless steel construction for durability
  • Holds 14 rounds at once and feeds reliably
  • Numbered witness holes for easier identification
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  • Made from a mix of blued-steel and zytel polymer
  • Tough follower & silicon-wire spring lasts longer
  • High capacity of 25 rounds and witness holes
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  • Blued steel construction and a lifetime warranty
  • Black finish and numbered witness holes
  • 15-rd capacity and precision machined design
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Factors to Consider Before Buying S&W SD40VE Magazines

Before you choose a new magazine for your SD40VE, make sure you look out for a few important factors. 

Material and Build Quality

Magazines can be found manufactured from metal or polymer. However, handgun mags are mostly made from metal, preferably steel for its durability. The central body and the spring of a magazine is mostly steel, whereas the base plate and follower are mostly made from polymer. Handgun mags are more prone to getting dropped and mishandled, so make sure that the feed lips are strong enough to hold the shape and the body won’t crack. 

Follower and Spring

Magazines using a double-stack design commonly use anti-tilt followers these days, but since the SD40VE mags are single stack, the follower’s design won’t matter much. One important thing to look out for is the spring of the magazine. It should be durable and have ample elasticity for proper feeding and along with the ability to retain pressure if it is stored loaded for long periods. 

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Magazine Compatibility

SD40 and SD40VE magazines are interchangeable, so you can save some money if you have both. Additionally, these magazines can also work with SW40 and SW40VE, and sigma models. You will have to make some adjustments to the base plate as SD40 and SD40VE base plates are round. 


Several states restrict magazine capacities to a maximum of 10 rounds (like California). So you must check with your local laws before choosing a magazine. Additionally, high capacity magazines, especially those with uncommon capacities (like drum mags) should be chosen with care as they are more prone to malfunctions. 

Review of the Best S&W SD40VE Magazines

Although the options of magazines for the SD40VE are slim on the market, we scoured and came up with a few great options.

Best Overall

S&W 199280000

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This is an OEM stainless steel magazine from Smith & Wesson. The first benefit of this is that you will not have to worry about compatibility and quality issues. In my opinion, having an OEM magazine as a spare is best because you know it is going to work. This magazine looks amazing with its chrome finish and you can see the rounded base plate so it only works with SD40 and SD40VE. 

The feed lips are very sturdy, and no matter how many times you drop this magazine, you will always find it functioning properly. The magazine holds 10 rounds, which I think is perfect for EDC and CCW applications. In fact, it is also suitable for home defense, given the recoil and stopping power of the .40 S&W. 

The 10 round capacity is also compliant for gun restrictive states, and it also gives the gun an optimal weight with enough rounds to fight a threat. 

Bottom Line

This 10 round stainless steel magazine from Smith and Wesson is a perfect spare or replacement mag for your SD40VE because it is an OEM product with durability and reliability.


Witness holes with numbers stamped

10 round mag will be legal in all states

OEM product with tough steel construction

Keeps weight to a minimum. Good for self-defense


10 rounds may seem less to many people


S&W 199270000

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This stainless steel OEM magazine is just the high-capacity version of our first pick that we reviewed above. These 14 round magazines are appropriate for people who need a few extra rounds or do not want the hassle of carrying a spare magazine. This 14 round mag is also suitable for people who do not want to reload often at the range or have any other conditions like finger arthritis. 

This magazine has been made from high-grade stainless steel and features durable construction that can be tested under any situation. The witness holes on the sides have been stamped in increments of two, so you stay aware if you need to. 14 rounds is good for active police duty officers, tactical users, or even an EDC user. 

The price of this mag is a bit higher than common .40S&W mags, but there are only a few manufacturers that make it. 

Bottom Line

This 14-round magazine is an OEM product and made with high grade stainless steel. It is suitable for people who want some extra round, possibly without the hassle of carrying an extra mag.


OEM product offers reliability

14 rounds capacity is great for .40S&W

Stainless steel design with strong spring

Suitable for active duty officers or tactical uses


Pricey compared to similar mags

Cross legal capacity limit in some states

Best Smith and Wesson SD40VE Extended Magazine

SD40/SD40VE 25-rd Magazine

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A 25-round magazine is an uncommon but great idea for handguns. Having so many rounds at hand gives you the capacity of a rifle in a handgun. However, a mag of this size is cumbersome to handle and very heavy for single-handed operation. That’s why I recommend you use it in conjunction with a good SD40VE carbine conversion kit. We have reviewed some of the best kits you can take a look at.

25 rounds is not suitable for EDC, CCW, or Defense applications. It is only great if you are using the handgun installed in a kit for tactical users, or you are at the range. This magazine is more of a leisure item than a practical thing, however, the good thing is that at least it exists, because aftermarket mags for the SD40VE are extremely hard to find. 

Bottom Line

This 25 round mag from ProMag is a fun item to use on the range and has little practical use on the field, like with a carbine conversion kit. Make sure that it is legal in your state before you purchase.


Perfectly priced for its value

Witness holes in the upper half

Appropriate for range or tactical use

High capacity magazine with 25 rounds

Great for use with carbine conversion kits

Durable steel and Zytel polymer-based design


Illegal in many states

Can be cumbersome to handle

Best SD40VE 15 Round Magazine

ProMag SD40/40VE 15-rd Magazine

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This magazine from ProMag holds 15 rounds at maximum capacity, and it will certainly hold at least 13 rounds even if you face fitting issues due to getting a lemon. 14 and 15 rounds do not make much of a difference, however, for some people that extra round seems very important. 

This magazine features a blued steel construction and uses a chrome-silicon spring which is the norm for durable springs. The witness holes have been marked in odd numbers and the overall construction of the magazine looks very compact. 

I think that capacity has been extended a bit too far for a 14-round sized magazine. Which is probably why some users reported a few feeding issues (that went away with oiling). However, the mag is still good if you need a 9mm capacity. 

Bottom Line

The 15-round mag from ProMag is good for defense, range, and duty purposes. The design is great and very durable. Plus, the company will replace your magazine for free for life if it ever malfunctions. Which is a great deal, especially at this price point.


Exceptionally affordable

Balanced 15 round capacity is great

Durable and smooth blued steel construction

Covered by a lifetime free replacement guarantee

Chrome-Silicon wire spring is the best in the category

Lightweight, and has numbered witness holes on the side


Baseplate should have been metal

Unlawful in some states due to high capacity

Top Brands in the S&W SD40VE Magazines Space

Take a look at the top brand choices for choosing an SD40VE magazine, and check out their pros and cons. Unfortunately, there are only two companies that manufacture SD40VE magazines. One of them is Smith & Wesson itself, and the other is ProMag. 

Smith & Wesson

The best choice for standard capacity magazines for the SD40VE is the OEM Smith & Wesson. Their magazines are made from stainless steel and available in 10 and 14 round capacities. It is best to choose OEM products if you want unimpeded reliability and performance. Since factory components are manufactured to high tolerances. 

However, it is also important to remember that S&W magazines are exorbitant in terms of pricing. Obviously, you get the quality, reliability, and warranty, but you also have to pay a premium price. Plus, if you are in favor of keeping 4-5 magazines, you’ll spend half the price of this handgun. 


ProMag is a well-known name in the market of magazines. The company is especially known for its durable and innovative polymer magazines. However, it makes blued steel magazines for the SD40VE. Two of them have been reviewed above where one is a 25-round mag and the other is a 15-round mag. 

ProMag is known for its great quality, and the lifetime guarantee policy which shows the level of trust they have in their products. Additionally, ProMag magazines are insanely affordable regardless of the mag capacity. So you can buy a lot of them without burning a hole in your wallet. 


The SD40VE is a good self-defense handgun that comes with a 10-round factory magazine. You can find high capacity and extended magazines for this handgun which include 14 rounds, 15, rounds, and 25 rounds mag. Check the compatibility, quality, and legal limitations of your state before choosing a magazine.

People Also Ask

Take a quick peek into our FAQ section and learn some interesting facts about SD40VE magazines.

What Magazines Are Compatible With The SD40VE?

S&W SW40 and SW40VE magazines are compatible with the SD40VE if you replace the base plates. Plus, SD40 magazines work interchangeably with the SD40VE.

Are There Extended Magazines for the SD40VE?

Yes, there are a few options for extended magazines for the SD40VE. You can check out our dedicated review of the best SD40VE extended magazines to know more.


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