Best Concealed Carry Classes in Missouri – 2023 Guide

Missouri, a permitless carry state that honors constitutional carry and respects the 2nd amendment rights of all US citizens. However, to carry at most places and in some other states, you need to get a CCP. With a prerequisite of completing 8 hours, state-approved training class.

Here we will learn about the best of these classes in MO and review them to help you find the best for yourself. 

Missouri Concealed Carry Laws

Missouri allows permitless open and concealed carry to any U.S citizen who is at least 19 years of age and legally eligible to carry a weapon. However, some cities restrict open carry of handguns without a permit. Hence you need a Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) to open carry in some places. 

Missouri honors concealed carry permits of all 50 states, and 36 states have reciprocity with MO. Only non-residents in active military duty or veterans stationed in MO and their spouse can apply for a permit. 

The state has Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws. ‘No weapon’ signs are not enforced unless you refuse to leave or are a repeat offender. 

An 8 hour concealed carry course with a live-fire qualification has to be completed to apply for a CC permit in the state. 

The permit can be applied for at the local sheriff’s office. The license fees for initial applications cannot exceed $100 and not above $50 for renewals. A permit has to be issued within 45 days and remains valid for the coming 5 years. There’s also a grace period of 12 months for renewals. The state also offers a lifetime permit for $500 and options for 10 or 20-year permits (only valid in-state). 

List of the Best Concealed Carry Classes in Missouri 

Let’s look at the best CC classes in different parts of Missouri. The review will elaborate on their schedule, instructors, and other important details to help you make a quick decision. 

1. Xtreme Tactical Defense

Contact Info

  • Address: 639 Gravois Bluffs Blvd, Fenton, MO 63026
  • Phone: 314-974-5728
  • Length of class: 9 hours

Our Review of the Program

Xtreme Tactical Defense is located in Fenton and is aimed at providing proper self-defense training to its students. Both with a firearm and with bare hands. The concealed carry course is conducted by certified instructors who have experience in the field. 

The course includes all the in’s and out’s as mentioned in the state statute. Along with some extra knowledge to keep you prepared for self-defense. The class delivers real-world examples paired with prompt training. The instructors’ Josh and Steve are amazing people and guide you through the entire class in a very fun and engaging manner. 

The course material is very clear and engaging. It suits beginners to help the concepts and isn’t very technical or overwhelming. You also have the option to take advanced classes further in the future to broaden your skills and learn new techniques. 

Upon completion of the course, you receive a certificate, a copy of the lecture material for reference, and an NRA discount coupon. The class fee includes everything except for the handgun and ammo, which can be acquired on rental. 

The class environment is quite comfortable, and you get ample breaks to stretch your legs and be comfortable. 

2. MOCCW Firearms Training LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 217 Shumate Ave, Maryland Heights, MO 63043, United States
  • Phone: 314-258-6519
  • Length of class: 9 hours

Our Review of the Program

Best concealed carry classes for Jefferson County residents. MOCCW's concealed carry course is a comprehensive 8-hour session that covers all the states requirements in their entirety. Along with some other advanced tactics.

The maximum class size is 20 students which means you’ll get enough attention and have ample time to ask questions and use the range. The class includes everything from ammo to gear. However, you still have to bring your own firearm or you can rent it.

All you need to bring to the class is a photo ID, and the rest can be taken care of. The classes are scheduled by their instructors based upon demand. However, you also get the option of telling them about the date you’re comfortable with. 

There’s also an option for a 2-day class. The first day is a 5-hour classroom session and the second day is a 3-hour range session. With that option, you get a lot of time to practice properly at the range and make sure to adapt with handguns. 

The institute also offers many other courses related to self-defense and advanced concealed carry tactics. The price is a bit high compared to other classes. But that’s justified with the practical range training you’ll receive. 

3. CCW Tactical Defense

Contact Info

  • Address: 17090 Old Jamestown Rd, Florissant, MO 63034, United States
  • Phone: 314-246-0260
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

Chief instructor Dave and his beautiful wife Brenda make these classes fun, engaging, and very hospitable. They take good care of you while at their classes and the lunch served during the break is delicious. 

The institute offers CCW courses for Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois. The Missouri class is 8 hours long and divided into two parts. The class is made interesting with realistic examples and quick questions along the way. Thus keeping you involved. 

The classroom and range are located at the same location in Florissant. The range is outdoors and in a very safe and comfortable setting. No sun shining in your eyes during evening range sessions. 

The classes are taught from a perspective of zero-handgun-experience. So whether you are a novice or casual shooter. You’ll learn everything starting from the basics. The price is good and the value you get out of the course is amazing. 

The class schedule is mentioned on their homepage. Classes can be conducted across different locations in Florissant, and you are informed by email about the location. The institute entertains refunds only 7 days before the class and allows rescheduling at no extra cost. 

4. Canovi & Associates

Contact Info

  • Address: 3711 West FR 14, Brighton MO 65617
  • Phone: 417-327-6122
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The owner and chief instructor Matt Canovi is among the most qualified and popular instructors across the state. He is actively involved in the firearms community hosting a weekly radio show. He has 35+ years of experience in Law Enforcement and has developed some popular training programs and courses. 

At his training institute, you’ll be learning some of the best tips and tricks related to self-defense. The concealed carry class covers all the state requirements and then some for a realistic approach towards carrying a handgun. 

This is by far the most low-priced concealed carry course you’ll find in the state. At almost half the price of most other classes in this list. But that doesn't really mean a compromise on the contents of the class. Since it is a state-approved curriculum and nothing will be left out. It’s just a privilege for people living nearby. 

The instructor treats each participant per his/her skill level. Each class hosts 16 students, so you’ll have enough space and attention. The classroom session is conducted at a gun shop and the indoor range of Basspro shop is used for live training. 

Be sure to pack a sack of lunch as edibles are not included in the price. Plus there are other advanced level courses to be considered for further training. 

5. Maximum Life Expectancy

Contact Info

  • Address: 10517 MO-43, Webb City, MO 64870, United States
  • Phone: 417-434-4518
  • Length of class: 8-10 hours

Our Review of the Program

The institute has two instructors. Grant who’s the owner and the lead and John who’s a Marine veteran. Grant shows an amazing deal of patience while handling the participants. He provided proper one-on-one attention to each student, which sometimes makes the classes extend to 10+ hours.

The training is the basic state requirements of Missouri, plus an advanced combat course aimed at training you for realistic self-defense. More focus is given to live to fire and you’ll shoot about 200-250 rounds on the amazing outdoor range.

The course fees are reasonable and a $50 deposit has to be made upfront for securing your spot. Refunds can be taken 7 days before the class. Concealed carry classes are conducted once or sometimes twice a month. Plus you have the option to enroll for other more detailed courses in rifles, marksmanship, and combat.

These should be your go-to classes if you live in Webb City and are a newbie to handguns or want a one-stop institute to learn the best of firearm skills.

6. Armed Missouri Inc.

Contact Info

  • Address: 2812 Mt Sterling Rd, Bland, MO 65014, United States
  • Phone: 314-603-2690
  • Length of class: 9+ hours

Our Review of the Program

Armed Missouri Inc. is an experienced player in the industry and has been training civilians and law enforcement members for the past 17 years. This is a good choice for both newbies and experienced shooters. Including active and veteran officers and instructors themselves. 

The classes are conducted on a bi-monthly basis and sometimes even more. The schedule calendar on their website will help you choose the dates. Armed Missouri Inc has trained thousands of students, so they definitely know what they are doing. 

You receive proper attention in the classroom and the range. Plus all of your queries are answered with patience and dedication. The price of the classes is very reasonable. Especially since all training materials are included. Including firearms and ammo. You can also enjoy a $10 rebate if you plan on using your own. 

The long classes are not boring as you get ample breaks in between. Plus, the classes are very interactive and questions and answers are being popped up through the duration for a better learning experience. 

AMI doesn’t provide lunch during the class, so make sure to bring your own. 

7. The Sound of Freedom USA

Contact Info

  • Address: 4800 N Town Centre Dr, Ozark, MO 65721
  • Phone: 417-485-4867
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The Sound of Freedom is a rental indoor gun range visited by many to practice with their firearms. They have a wide range of rental weapons to choose from and their location in Ozark makes them a buzzing place. 

The staff there is quite friendly, with only a few occasional exceptions with some visitors. However, none of them was there for a CCW course. The institute has an amazing classroom with a proper seating arrangement and a great indoor range for practice. 

The class fees include all materials plus handgun and ammo. The instructor is very knowledgeable and thoroughly guides you through the entire class without making it boring. The range session is conducted with .22LR ammo provided by the institute. But you are free to bring your own handgun.

The safety practices and equipment at the range are of the best standards since it is visited a lot by members and casual shooters. Their waiting area around the range is an awesome place for gathering and sharing words with other participants. 

Being a gun store, you’ll have the option of buying an appropriate handgun for yourself with the guidance of their staff/instructors. 

Conceal Carry Classes in Missouri Comparison

Check out the best concealed carry classes available in Missouri. All of these run a state-approved course and have been rated highly by participants in their areas. 

  • 8hr course with 20 practice and 20 passing rounds
  • Option to learn krav-maga training as a course
  • Info on supplementary solutions when SHTF
View Latest Price →
  • 8 hr class divided into two days of training
  • Maximum strength of classes is only 20 students
  • Also offers a non-NRA advanced CCW course
View Latest Price →
  • Offers FL, MO and IL CCW courses
  • Convenient classes in location and inclusives
  • Thorough training and very competitive fees
View Latest Price →
  • Probably the most affordable CCW class across US
  • Comprehensive course includes pistols & revolvers
  • Optional PLUS course for advanced CCW training
View Latest Price →
  • Extensive training involves a total of 250 rounds
  • Outdoor range with realistic defense enviornment
  • Hospitable environment and class moves at your pace
View Latest Price →
  • Detailed and well-designed training material
  • Price includes equipment. $10 Rebate when using own
  • Suitable for beginners, officers or even veterans
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  • First come first serve. No reservations needed
  • Classes available only one Saturday per month
  • Cheap no-time limit shooting range for practice
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Missouri is one of the 14 US states practicing permitless carry. A concealed handgun license (CHL) is only required in some cities and also provides reciprocity in 38 other states. 

People Also Ask

Let’s find answers to some common questions related to concealed carrying a handgun in Missouri. 

How Much Are Concealed Carry Classes in Missouri?

Concealed carry classes can cost anywhere between $50 - $125 in Missouri. Even more for private classes. The cost also depends upon the inclusions of your course, class strength, and the location. 

Can You Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Online in Missouri?

No. You have to visit your local county sheriff’s office in person because you’ll be fingerprinted when applying. Only Boone County allows online submission of applications. For others, you’ll have to download a form online and full up the hard copy. 

Can I Carry a Gun Without a Permit in Missouri?

Yes. You can carry a gun without a permit in Missouri if you are at least 19 years of age and a lawful U.S Citizen. However, local authorities can regulate whether or not you can carry a gun without a permit in some cities/counties. 

Where Can You Not Conceal Carry in Missouri?

Places involving children, government buildings, airports, hospitals, stadiums (5000 or more capacity), private property with ‘no weapon’ signs, court, detention center, law enforcement offices, and religious places. Plus any other federal restrictions apply. 

What Are the Missouri Concealed Carry Qualifications?

You are required to complete an 8-hour state approved concealed carry course that teaches weapon handling, gun care, and marksmanship. Plus includes a live firing session of at least 20 rounds. 


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