Best Concealed Carry Classes in Oregon – 2023 Round-up

Oregon is a ‘shall issue’ state with a mixed level of stringency and leniency on gun laws. Here we will dig deeper into the state’s gun laws, mainly for concealed carry. Since the state requires a training certification to obtain a CC license, we will also review the best concealed carry classes available in the state for that purpose. So let’s get started.

Oregon Concealed Carry Laws

As already mentioned, Oregon is a ‘shall issue’ state for concealed carry permits. The application for such a permit can be made at the county level by the local sheriff’s office. However, the sheriff has some discretion to grant the permit to the applicant or not, if he deems fit to do so. The permit in Oregon is called a Concealed Handgun License or CHL. 

Oregon allows open carry for all U.S citizens above 18 years of age. However, public buildings are off-limits without a CHL. It is a Castle doctrine state with no duty to retreat. 

Residents of Oregon and non-residents of only contiguous states with legitimate need may apply for a CHL. The minimum age for application is 21 years and the applicant must demonstrate competence with a handgun. This can be done by taking a state-approved training course, participation in an organized shooting competition or military experience.

Oregon does not honor CC permits from other states but has reciprocity with 26 states. A concealed weapon can be carried in most places, except for those restricted by law. 

 A CHL is valid for 4 years from the date of issue and costs $65 for initial application and $50 for renewals. The application processing time is 45 days max. However, CHL’s can be renewed in as quickly as one day. 

List of the Best Oregon Concealed Carry Classes

Oregon state law requires you have proper firearms training to apply for a CHL. This training can be taken  online or offline  and doesn’t need a range session. Let’s review some of the best CC classes available in the state. 

1. Blackstone Gun Safety

Contact Info

  • Address: Blackstone Gun Safety, 3703 SW 196th Ave, Aloha, OR 97078
  • Phone: 971-238-2478
  • Length of class: 4 hour

Our Review of the Program

The Blackstone Gun Safety’s training program is by far the most popular concealed carry class in Oregon. The classes can be availed across six locations in the state and cover all the concepts of concealed carry in great depths. 

The classes cover the basics of handgun handling, cleaning, ammo, and concealed carry. Followed by the knowledge of state and federal laws. An option for a live-fire session is also available upon request. However, that’s not needed for an OR license. 

The cost of these classes is very affordable and can vary by a few dollars depending upon the location. The instructors are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile to pay attention to the participants. 

Due to the changing interests of participants, the institute now provides combined classes for the state of Oregon, Utah, and Arizona. However, you still have the option to take the Oregon only class. But if you have to sit through the entire 4 hours, a multi-state class is a better option. 

The course fees have to be paid upfront, so make sure to bring money to the class. The session is full of examples and very humorous to keep it engaging. Classes are short and to-the-point. 

2. PDX Arsenal Concealed Carry LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 9701 SE Johnson Creek Blvd, Happy Valley, OR 97086, United States
  • Phone: 503-679-8334
  • Length of class: 4 - 4-½ hours

Our Review of the Program

PDX Arsenal offers the best concealed carry class for newbies. Their instructors are very energetic, understanding, and easy on their students. Their level of patience is commendable, even with the slowest of learners. 

The instructors focus on firearm basics and concealed carry laws. Plus, they insistently cover the topic of de-escalating a situation and how to avoid most self-defense encounters. 

The Oregon class is a 4-hour classroom presentation covering all the topics in detail. They also offer a Utah class that is 4-½ hours in length. Additionally, you can also opt for a UT and OR concealed carry class combo at a very reasonable price. Which covers classroom curriculum, fingerprinting, taking a photo, and mailing your application to the UT authority. 

The price of the course is super-affordable to the extent that you won’t have to think twice about your budget. The instructor Bryan Mumford is a renowned mentor across Portland and has the pride of instructing more than 17,000 students in the concealed carry trade. 

They’ve also got an amazing gun range rated for handguns and rifles. Plus you have multiple shooting locations to choose from. 

3. Defensive Firearms Instruction

Contact Info

  • Address: 1480 18th St, Springfield, OR 97477
  • Phone: 541-359-8740
  • Length of class: 4-5 hours

Our Review of the Program

Defensive Firearms Instruction is a veteran-owned business and the chief instructor Donovan will definitely outsmart you, no matter how much knowledge you already have about concealed carry. 

The class is set in a calm and relaxed environment with an NRA approved and meticulously upgraded course curriculum, that covers all big and small details of concealed carry. 

You will be trained with the functioning of handguns and ammunition. How to disassemble a handgun and properly maintain it. The course also covers instructions about five different types of handguns commonly used today. So you have an absolute working knowledge of handguns in theory. 

The owner and staff are impeccably professional and keep safety as their first priority. Eventually priming your handling of a firearm in the same way. The class covers details on when you should conceal carry a weapon and when not. Plus more tips on contacting lawyers and interacting with law enforcement.

The classes are very understandable and not very long and boring. Both newbies and experienced firearm users will have equal benefits from taking the class. The price is quite reasonable, given the value you’ll receive. Other courses and multi-state classes are also available if you need them. 

4. The Jacobe Group LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 1165 Cordon Rd NE, Salem OR
  • Phone: 503-362-0584
  • Length of class:4 hours

Our Review of the Program

A group of very friendly and polite NRA certified instructors serve these classes. The learning environment is great and the class is the go-to choice for Salem residents. Especially in the Four Corners area. 

The fees for this class are super low and stands out compared to other classes in the state. There are no reservations needed and the classes are conducted on a first come first serve basis. You have to pay your fees in person upon registration and get your schedule. 

They have a no refund policy on missed classes but offer a reschedule within the upcoming one week for such situations. Classes are conducted promptly on every Thursday, 6:00 PM with absolutely no delays whatsoever. They have a detailed schedule calendar on their website that can be referred to. 

You can opt for an Oregon only or Oregon + Utah concealed carry course if you want more reciprocity. The combined class costs thrice as much but has its own perks. 

The institute also offers private one-on-one classes and has provisions to travel to your location for training. Apart from all this, they have a lot of other courses that can help you master different skills related to firearms. 

So this is a one-stop-shop for most of your training needs in the future. 

5. Threat Dynamics

Contact Info

  • Address: 13565 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd #300, Sherwood, OR 97140,
  • Phone: 503-692-2992
  • Length of class: 4 - 4-½ hours

Our Review of the Program

Located in the greater Portland metro, these are the best and most advanced classes you can find in the area. They are the most popular range and firearms classes in the region and are known for their amazing prices, hospitable staff, and state-of-the-art equipment. 

The most loved and talked about feature of their range is the 360-degree simulator that brings hypothetical training situations to life. They have other interactive training mechanisms as well.

They have concealed carry classes available for different states. The OR class also includes the required certification to apply for UT and AZ state permits. TD helps you with filing your application online and their staff assists you at every step. While not necessary to take, this is a helpful inclusion. 

You can move further and take other advanced courses for EDC, self-defense, and much more to hone your skills. The institute offers a myriad of courses to help you train better. 

6. LTS Tactical LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 2561 Cleveland Hill Road, Roseburg OR 97471
  • Phone: 541-375-0066
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

The Oregon CHL course is by far the most detailed course on our list. With a class length twice than that of other classes. Another good part is that the classes include a live range session and in the end, you receive certification to apply for a CCW permit for multiple states. 

All classes are held in Roseburg (Melrose area) and the class size is limited to 14 students. Which is a good thing as there’ll be more individual attention provided to participants. 

The instructor Mr. Darell Ingold has 45+ years of experience as an instructor and has a lot of qualifications under his name. He is a very patient and knowledgeable person, who has a lot to teach. 

The firing part includes a live range session where you’ll fire 80+ rounds of ammunition. Bringing your own handgun is better, but there are rentals available. The class concludes with a short pep talk and a class instructional booklet for future reference. You’ll also have the option to purchase some extra merchandise available at the classes. 

Since you get to practice with a real weapon in the second part of this class. You can be more confident about your firearm handling and self-defense skills. 

7. R.E.A.C.T. Training Systems

Contact Info

  • Address:  27733 SE CC Dunham Road Prineville, OR, 97754, USA
  • Phone: 541-316-5830
  • Length of class: 8 hours

Our Review of the Program

Another Oregon CPL certification course with a class duration of 8 hours. Their CPL class is a combo that includes certification of the license and a basic handgun course. Thus the extra 4 hours that cover a live range session. 

REACT training systems is a leading company in its trade and employs the best instructors and training practices for CHL. Their instructors are very knowledgeable and patient with participants. 

The institute also runs courses for Law Enforcement Officers and special women-only courses in other skills. So you’ll have a lot of options to choose from in the future. 

The course requires you to bring your own firearm, ammo, and gear. However, all of this is also available at the range at a small rental price of $50. The course has been designed to meet the requirements of the most gun-strict states in the country. This means that taking the course offers great value for your money. While preventing you from taking another course for another state’s CHL. 

Overall, it is a great course to take if you want to attain realistic learning and a multi-state compatible course. 

Conceal Carry Classes in Oregon Comparison

Let’s review the best concealed carry classes in Oregon for the sake of quick comparison: 

  • CCW courses for Utah, Oregon and Arizona permits
  • Fee includes photo & fingerprints for applications
  • Lot of class schedules to choose from
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  • Fee includes photo & fingerprint mailed to BCI
  • Highly trained, BCI certified and insured trainers
  • Online booking and classes available for OR & UT
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  • Pre-scheduled training calendar with many slots
  • CCW classes available for 5 different states
  • CCW classes are carried out in Eugene & Springfield
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  • Classes can be taught at other locations if needed
  • Private lessons are also available upon request
  • Multiple advanced courses are also available
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  • Optional immersive tactical package uses simulator
  • Classes scheduled by month and promptly informed
  • Indoor range and great learning experience
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  • Super affordable course for weapon owners
  • No written test and certificates issued at class
  • Great instructors, helpful staff and complete course
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Oregon is a shall issue and castle doctrine state with no duty to retreat. Anybody can open carry in the state but concealed carry requires a CHL. Oregon has reciprocity with 26 states and doesn’t honor the CC permits of any other state. Plus, it grants CHL to non-residents of only contiguous states. A CHL in OR is valid for 4 years from the date of issue. A CC class can be taken online and doesn’t require live firing. 

People Also Ask

We sniffed out answers to some common queries about concealed carry licenses and carrying a weapon in the state of Oregon. 

Can I Do a Concealed Carry Class Online in Oregon?

Yes. You can take a concealed carry class online in Oregon. The state requires the applicant to have knowledge of basic safe handgun handling practices and information about laws. There’s no requirement for live firing in the state statute for such classes. 

Can I Carry a Gun While Hiking in Oregon?

Yes. You can carry a gun while hiking in Oregon. For open carry, you need to be at least 18 years of age. For concealed carry, you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid CHL (Concealed Handgun License) issued in Oregon. 

Where Can You Not Conceal Carry in Oregon?

Technically, you can conceal carry your handgun at every place in the state, if you have a valid concealed handgun license. Including schools and state offices. The ‘No Weapons Allowed’ signs cannot be enforced in Oregon. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Concealed Carry Permit in Oregon?

While the state fees for application of a CHL in Oregon is $65 for new applicants. The cost of taking a concealed carry class can range between $75 - $150. Depending upon the type of course you take. So overall, a CHL will cost anywhere between $150 - $250. 

What States Are Covered by Oregon Concealed Carry Permit?

Oregon has reciprocity with 26 states. 14 other of them are permitless carry states. The others are Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. Plus restricted reciprocity with Michigan.


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