Best Concealed Carry Classes in Utah – 2023 Review

Utah is among the most gun-friendly states of the US. The state allows both open and concealed carry and has very lenient laws.

Here we will learn about the process of acquiring a CFP in Utah and about the best concealed carry classes in the state that’ll help you get a certification. So put your glasses on (if you use ‘em) and keep scrolling. 

Utah Concealed Carry Laws

Utah is a ‘shall issue’ state which allows concealed carrying for its residents with a state concealed firearm permit (CFP) and for non-residents with a valid CFP issued in their home state. Utah respects permits of all 50 states and has reciprocity with 36 of them. 

The minimum age of acquiring a CFP is 21 years, and 18 years for a provisional permit. Having a concealed carry permit also allows you to open carry a handgun. Open carry is also allowed if you don’t have a permit, however, your handgun must be two actions away from firing (racking the slide and pulling the trigger are two such actions). 

Some areas are obviously off-limits for carrying even with your CFP. You can conceal carry in your vehicle with a permit and without it if others in the vehicle know and consent about it. Plus you are not required to notify a police officer about carrying. 

Handgun purchases do not require a registration or have a waiting period in Utah. Additionally, Utah permit exempts from a background check. A license permits you to carry a handgun in most places unless you are under the influence of alcohol or anguish. 

List of the Best Utah Concealed Carry Classes

To help you save some time, we compiled a list of the best-concealed carry classes available in Utah. You can always opt for a class you know personally. But if you don’t these are the best options.

1. Utah CCW Training LLC.

Contact Info

  • Address: 2512 West 200 South Ogden, UT 84404 United States
  • Phone: (801) 745-5796
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

The instructor Scott is a veteran of the U.S Army along with being a BCI, NRA certified, and Utah hunter education instructor. Despite being from an Army background, Scott is very easy on the participants and lets you take your time while learning. Which is a great factor for absolute beginners! 

The cost of this class is super-amazing and so affordable that even a teenager can afford it. The class fee includes fingerprint cards, photos, and the application form for submission to the BCI. You have up to 12 months before your certification stands void, so there’s no rush.

The Utah CCW course doesn’t require a live firing qualification. However, you can take the FL and AZ courses separately to enjoy range time. Or you may ask Scott to help you out with a range session.

The classes are about 4 hours long and also offered in a private or group setting if you desire. The schedules are pre-set so you can plan on your training before the class.

2. Utah Concealed Firearm Academy

Contact Info

  • Address: 4641 Cherry Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123
  • Phone: Not available
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

The concealed carry course of this academy is a very professional and properly organized program. The classes are conducted twice a month and a very strict schedule is abided by. So if you enlist for the class, make sure you reach there in time.

This is a classroom course with a fun and enjoyable environment. The course includes detailed instructions on weapons handling and concealed carrying. Along with fingerprinting, photo, and completion of the application form. The institute submits your application on your behalf, but you have to pay the state fees separately.

The cost of the course is quite decent. Especially with all the inclusions they provide. The process is very simple and they guide you on every step. There are only two sessions organized each month so you can be sure that you’ll get the proper attention and knowledge.

This course is suitable for beginners and people who can’t learn in a rush and take time to adapt. The course has limited seats for each session and requires payment at the time of registration. Which is in fact good, since you can refrain from procrastination and be dedicated to getting your permit.

3. Armed Self Defense Institute

Contact Info

  • Address: Multiple locations. Please check website
  • Phone: (801) 613-2734
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

The Armed Self Defense Institute offers a comprehensive CC training program. The classes are organized at many locations and are available almost every weekday. So you have a ton of options to choose from. Depending on your comfort.

To cope up with the latest pandemic, the institute has developed a drive-in class. Where you can park your car in the parking lot and tune your FM radio to listen to the class, while the gloved staff delivers application packets to each car.

All the instructors are certified by the State of Utah and NRA so you can rest assured about the quality of instruction. The class covers practical training about firearm handling and dealing with strenuous situations when the need arises. The instructors mostly focus on proper ways to concealed carry a handgun and effectively use it when required.

The institute also offers a myriad of other courses including basic NRA courses and permit certifications for other states as well. So this can be your one-stop-shop for obtaining different permits.

The price of the course is great and the fact that it covers everything from training to sending the application makes it even better. Although you’ll be charged a $15 extra fee for that. But after that, your permit will just show up in your mail.

4. Pistol Pete's SPT

Contact Info

  • Address: 11256 S. Glen Croft Lane Sandy, UTAH, 84070, US
  • Phone: (801) 706-7363
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

This institute is run by a beautiful couple that is very hospitable and attentive towards their students. The lead instructor, Pete is an NRA and Utah certified instructor and has experience as an armed security officer. So there are quite some tips to learn.

The concealed carry classes are offered in certain packages. There are one-on-one courses, private club lessons, basic CC permit classes, and a combo. The combo package includes a basic pistol course along with the CC certification. Since Utah classes don’t include range time, you can opt for this course for more detailed learning.

The class slots are available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week. These sessions include the theoretical training about handling firearms and self-defense scenarios, fingerprinting, photo, and completed application form.

Canceling the registration will cost you half of your money, so make sure you attend the class. The group course is also a great value for money since it can include and train 10 people max at the cost of 8. A great option if you have a group of friends or relatives who want to take CC training.

5. Utah Firearm and Security Training LLC

Contact Info

  • Address: 3538 West 13175 South Riverton, Utah 84065
  • Phone: (801) 831-1323
  • Length of class: 4.5 hours

Our Review of the Program

Utah FAST is a veteran-owned business and the concealed carry class sessions are conducted by the best-certified instructors you’ll find across Utah. The classes are a prompt 4.5-hour session that is divided into 2 parts, so you don’t get crammed with information.

The first part deals with firearm basics and handling it. While the second part focuses on state laws and other legal whereabouts. There’s an option for you to take a Utah and Arizona combo class with a free Arizona non-resident permit application packet.

The course includes the training along with the procurement of copies of all the required documents and the final free hand delivery of your application to BCI. So all you have to do is take the class, show them your documents and that’s it. Your permit will arrive in your mailbox some weeks later.

The price of this course is very reasonable, and with all the inclusions, it seems the best in category for people who are also vying for an AZ permit. AZ permits are also valid in New Mexico - FYI. The training environment is very professional, and the staff takes good care of it. Being a veteran-owned business definitely has its qualities.

6. Southern Fire Firearms Training

Contact Info

  • Address: 2851 West 200 North, Logan Utah, 84321
  • Phone: 435-764-2085
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

The owner/lead instructor Dallin Law is a certified and well-trained individual with an academic background concerning law. This is a 4-hour class covering all the basics and semi-advanced knowledge about handling a firearm, especially in self-defense situations.

The class includes all the required paperwork, along with a pre-addressed envelope for sending your application to the BCI. You just have to reach out and submit it. If you are too busy or too lazy to do that, you may choose the class reviewed just before this one.

The cost of this class is pretty basic and won’t seem to let you think twice before taking the course. The instructors are great with their knowledge and methods of teaching. They have an online-registration mechanism and don’t allow walk-in’s (dunno what’s the reason for that).

You are also entitled to a refund after a small deduction of $5 from your registration fee. So cancellation is not a big issue there. There are specialized handgun, shotgun, and personal protection courses also offered by the institute if you want to widen your horizon of skills.

7. Legal Heat

Contact Info

  • Address: Depends on the class you choose
  • Phone: 877-252-1055
  • Length of class: 4 hours

Our Review of the Program

Legal Heat is America’s leading firearm training company with classes available in every state across the U.S. Being a national level class, the level of information and quality of education you’ll receive at Legal heat is amazing. The courses are conducted at various locations and often in collaboration with renowned firearm stores.

The program includes only training and documents such as fingerprints and photos can be obtained at a minimal extra fee. The instructors are passionate about what they do and take good care of their students.

One perk of being a national level institute is that your grievances (if any) will be heard and proper action will be facilitated. The course is super comprehensive and includes everything about firearms, concealed carry, and situational decision making. Things as minuscule as ‘duty to inform’ will be covered in detail.

This should be your go-to class if you are more focused upon learning the basics of concealed carry and firearm handling in extensive detail. Rather than looking for a package to apply for your permit.

Utah Conceal Carry Classes Comparison

Check out a simple-to-understand list of the best-concealed carry classes available in Utah and find out the nearest to your location. 

  • Four hour CCW course with extra help for beginners
  • Very affordable course with lucrative discounts
  • You receive a complete BCI packet for submission
View Latest Price →
  • Slow and deliberate classes for proper learning
  • Duration is between 4.5-5 hours without online option
  • Affordable course plus a complete BCI package
View Latest Price →
  • Lot of scheduled classes to choose from
  • Unique drive-in CCW class due to COVID crisis
  • Multiple courses plus CCP for AZ, CO, WY and UT
View Latest Price →
  • Utah CCP plus basic pistol carry course combo
  • One stop shop service for Utah CFP application
  • Dedicated instructors with 11 years of experience
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  • Option for private class to be hosted at your spot
  • Includes free packet to obtain AZ non-resident permit
  • Pre-scheduled classes for the coming 6 months
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  • Classes organized in Cache Valley range Logan Utah
  • Complete package create at end for BCI submission
  • 4 hour course comprises of special tips & tricks
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  • Classes available in more than 30 US states
  • Options for live or online classes are available
  • Classes partner with leading companies in the US
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Utah is a very gun-friendly state that supports open and concealed carry. Even without a permit to some extent. You can be as young as 18 years to obtain a provisional permit. Utah courses don’t have a live firing session included so you may head to the range or take another basic pistol course to hone your handgun skills. 

People Also Ask

Find out the answers to some very common questions related to Utah concealed carry classes. 

Can You Get a Utah Concealed Carry Permit Online?

No. Utah BCI requires you to submit an application in-person at the regional office. Additionally, the state also prohibits concealed carry classes from running any online courses and such a class should only be taken in person. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Concealed Carry Permit in Utah?

The maximum processing time for a concealed carry permit application to be processed in Utah is 60 days. However, sometimes it can take more than that if the BCI has too many applications to process.  

How Much Does a Concealed Carry Permit Cost in Utah?

Application fees for new permits are $53.25 for residents and $63.25 for non-residents and are valid for 5 years. Renewals are $20.75 for residents and $25.75 for non-residents. The non-residents must have a permit issued in their home state. 

Where Can I Not Conceal Carry in Utah?

While Utah is very lenient on places you can CC your handgun. State and Federal laws still apply. You may not take your firearm to secure places (airports, schools, mental correctional facilities), places of worship, places with display signs for no-carry, and private property if the owner has given prior notice to not carry in his premises.  

What States Are Covered Under The Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

Utah honors CC permits of all 50 states, while Utah’s permit is honored in only 37 states. Alabama, Delaware, Indiana, Montana & North Dakota have reciprocity with Utah. Whereas 18 other states have restricted reciprocity with Utah. The remaining 14 are permitless carry states.

How Do I Renew My Utah Concealed Carry Permit?

The BCI will send you a notification by physical mail one month before the expiration date of your CC permit. The cost is $20 for residents and $25 for non-residents. You can renew your permit online if you don’t want to visit the office in-person. But that’ll add a $0.75 convenience fee in the renewal cost.


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